New features?

This version has been in update since May 2017, with six betas in total, but now everyone can install the update. It doesn’t contain new features (besides the wallpapers for iPad Pros), but it does bring lots of bug fixes and especially security fixes. This probably means that Apple is finalising iOS 10, which is very good for devies that won’t get iOS 11 in September. This update might be the last update, but you never know Apple might make a 10.3.4. We’ll find out very soon, as beta testers will get a notice about this (if this is the case).

The last update…

If this really is the last update, then this means that the iPhone 5 and 5C have been killed off. They won’t be receiving iOS 11 in September. That’s not bad actually, because the iPhone 5 is five years old this year, and the iPhone 5C is one year younger, but it also has the same Apple A6 processor and GPU.

When it comes to the iPad, well, it’s the end of the line for the iPad 4, released in 2012 as well, having the Apple A6X chip. The iPad Air series are still getting iOS 11, as well as the iPad Mini 2 and higher and of course the iPad Pro. So in other words, all devices with Apple A7 chips and higher, are still getting the updates in the future… may it be iOS 10.3.4 or iOS 11.

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