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  • Suchen

    Hello! Just connected my gear fit 2 with my iPhone 6s. And for the life of me cannot get Spotify on my gear fit. I have updated the gear fit and still cannot find the Spotify app in the galaxy App Store. Please help!

    • Hi! Hmm… do you see it in the menu “Essentials”?
      If you really can’t find it, it’s possible that it’s not available (yet) in your region.

      • Seth Watson

        I’ve done all of this and it’s definitely not there. I guess it could be unavailable in my region but I’m in the United States so that seems pretty unlikely.

    • Michael Stramaglio

      I also can’t find it! Using iPhone X and in USA. How do you find it in the Samsung gear app for iPhone?

    • Hi @disqus_HpxLki7i1R:disqus, can you try the following:
      1. Factory reset your watch (in your Settings)
      2. Remove the Gear Fit and Samsung Health apps on your phone
      3. Reboot your phone
      4. Download the Samsung apps again

      @michaelstramaglio:disqus did these steps and it worked out for him!