FINALLY: a Bluetooth remote that can control keynotes, PowerPoints and other presentations on your iPad! Satechi has made this beautiful aluminum bluetooth presenter, that not only works on iOS, but also on any macOS and Windows computer with bluetooth. Here’s my review of the Satechi Aluminum Bluetooth presenter!

So here’s my situation: I’m a high school teacher, using an iPad as a primary device. My only problem was: how can I control my presentations when I’m walking around, assessing and helping students? I know there’s a built in Keynote remote, but there are two problems:
1. Keynote remote only works with Keynote
2. (The most important reason): walking around, waving with your iPhone and holding a textbook, is a bit risky.

But then finally, after so many years, I found Satechi’s bluetooth presenter. This is actually their third version, but what makes this one different from the previous two, is that you don’t need to turn on Voice Over. You turn it on, and it works. Just like any presenter or even bluetooth keyboard.

To be clear: this isn’t a sponsored review. I bought the space gray version from Amazon Germany for 45 euros, but it’s also available on all other Amazon regions. In the US for example, it’s only 39 dollars. Please check these specific links, if you want to know more:

The box was delivered just three days later. It came with a usb charging cable, a nice tight fitted case, a manual and of course the presenter itself.

How does it look like? Well, the bottom half is space gray (it also comes in silver and gold), the top half is rubberized black. It has three buttons: the laser button on top and then the next and previous slide buttons. There’s a small blue indicator above the laser button, which lights up every time you press a button. On the top side, there’s a nice circular pattern surrounding the laser pointer. At the buttom, you have the micro usb input for charging, a button to turn it on and another blue indicator which lights up when turning it on, off or putting it in pair mode. Make sure you watch my video on the top of this post to see it in action.

How to pair?
Turn in on, hold the next and previous buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. Then go to your iPad’s (or computer’s) settings, choose the device ST-APA (it might show up as a keyboard first) and you’re paired! From now on, every time you turn on the device, it’ll be recognized by your iPad or computer.

How does it work?

Just play your presentation and push the buttons. The laser pointer is red. As it’s a bluetooth device, it can reach your whole classroom, and you don’t even need to point it at your iPad or computer.

Does it work with PowerPoint?

For those of you wondering: it works with Keynote, PowerPoint, Google Presentations and Prezi. If you use another app, let me know in the comments and I’ll try it out for you.

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