With less than 1 % market share, we all expected it to happen, but today, it really happened. Joe Belfiore from Microsoft tweeted the following:

No more new features, nor hardware, basically means that Microsoft is pulling the plug on Windows 10 Mobile.

Even though I’m a full macOS and iOS user, I really liked the concept of Windows 10 Mobile and I enjoyed using it on my Nokia Lumia 930 exactly two years ago. Sadly, the competition with iOS and Android was just too hard…

So this means goodbye live tiles, goodbye universal apps and goodbye Windows 10 synchronisation, although it seems that Microsoft will make iOS and Android apps sync with Windows 10, as they’ve just launched Microsoft Edge (beta) last weekend. At the same time, with iOS 11, OneDrive is now integrated within the Files app, which makes it easy to manage Office files, while using the Office apps on both iOS and Windows 10.

It’s clear Microsoft has turned into a new direction, leaving Windows 10 Mobile behind, but I believe that’s actually a good thing. They can now concentrate on uniting their popular Windows 10 platform with the people using iOS and Android devices by developing quality apps that offer synchronisation between all platforms.

To commemorate Windows 10 Mobile, here are two videos that I made about/with my Nokia Lumia 930, running Windows Phone 8 and later Windows 10 Mobile.

Travel video made with the Nokia Lumia 930 (running Windows 10 Mobile)

Nokia Lumia 930 review (running Windows Phone 8)

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