The past few months I’ve been giving my MacBook white unibody mid-2010 (A1342) some new life. It all started with a new charger, a new back case and then an upgrade to macOS Sierra and now swapping the original Hitachi hard drive for an SSD. And O M G, what a difference it made!

Watch my speed test below. All the tech specs you’ll find under the video:

The SSD I inserted, is the SAMSUNG EVO 850 with 3D VNAND-technology. This technology stores the data in a different way than standard SSDs, making the drive last as long as possible. I bought the 250 GB version, which is the same size as my original hard drive. There’s also a 500 GB version, but that was outside my budget (it costed 60 euros more than the 250 GB version). Anyway the main reason I changed it was for its promised speed. And next to that, an SSD can withstand more shocks than a classic HDD, which I find practical if I’m bringing my laptop from one place to the other.

Samsung EVO 750 OR 850?!
I asked myself the same question, googling for a few weeks, searching for the differences. Well, the 750 is cheaper. For the 500 GB version for example, you’d only pay around 120 euros (the 850 costs around 170 euros). So it’s very tempting to buy the 750.

However, I still bought the 850 for three reasons:
1) I’ve seen reviews about MacBooks (same version as mine) running the 850 perfectly
2) The 850 uses a more advanced way of storing things, which I personally find important because I’m a heavy duty user at times (video and photo editing)
3) The 850 comes with 5 years of warranty, whereas the 750 comes with 3 years of warranty

If you’re mostly doing ‘normal’ stuff on your computer, there’s no reason not to buy the 750. An additional advantage of the 750, is the fact that it uses less power than the 850.

Beware of SSD
Unlike and HDD, if ever an SSD crashes, it’ll be very hard to recover files. Next to that, it’s also important to note that SSDs have an amount of memory that it can process/written before it “dies out”. For the Samsung 850 EVO, that’s 75 TB of files. To be honest, that’s a LOT. At normal use, you’ll be buying a new computer before you write that amount of files onto the drive.

Go for it
It’s really worth replacing your HDD by an SSD if you need a more speedy computer, especially older computers that you’d like to keep alive.

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