During my last trip to Norway, I found this leather, backlit keyboard case from Decoded at the airport of Oslo Gardermoen. Honestly, I had never heard of this brand before, but the sales lady was friendly enough to show me the keyboard case and convinced me to buy it. And I don’t regret it 🙂 Watch my review below or read my written review:

Inside the box, there’s a quick start guide, a micro usb cable for charging and of course the case itself. The micro usb cable you’ll need to connect to a computer or a usb charging unit to be able to charge the device. Once charged, the keyboard will last very long. On moderate use, I had to charge it once a month. According to the box, it can last up to 260 days in stand-by.

The case
My case came in an elegant brown (leather) colour. It also comes in black. It’s genuine leather, which means that it really feels like smooth leather with a ‘leathery’ texture (I don’t know how else to describe it…). The edges are black, but aren’t just plastic: they feel smooth and rubbery, which is just awesome. It gives grip to the case and at the same time adds to the quality feel of the product.

Above the keyboard, there’s a gap where the screen fits into. And here’s the magic: there are magnets under that gap, which allows the screen to magnetically attach to the keyboard. And those magnets are strong. So strong, that you can pick up the whole thing by the screen of your iPad without the keyboard falling off.

Setting it up via Bluetooth 3.0
The pairing is extremely easy. Once you open the case and set the screen in its place, the keyboard automatically turns on. The first time you use it, you’ll need to pair it to your iPad. Just press on the Pair key on the keyboard, then go to your Settings > Bluetooth and select the device. You’ll be asked to type a number on your keyboard and press enter. Done!

The keyboard
Also here, the keyboard clearly has a quality finish. The keys are made of plastic, but don’t feel cheap at all. They have a slight matte coating and when pressed, you barely hear them. The top row has a set of shortcut keys: home, search, keyboard, Siri, media control buttons, lock/unlock and pair. Particularly the search, lock and Siri buttons I personally find very practical because it allows you to control your iPad by just using the keyboard.

It’s a backlit keyboard, which means you can continue typing on your iPad when it’s dark. By holding Fn+VolumeUp, you can increase the brightness of the keyboard; Fn+VolumeDown decreases the brightness and even turns it off.

If you close the whole case, the keyboard might touch the iPad’s screen, especially when pressed. However, the keys themselves don’t get “imprinted” in the screen (although that might be different if your keys get dirty/oily).

Where to buy?
I bought this at a shop called Capi, at the airport of Oslo Gardermoen. Capi has several branches at international airports, such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin and even Cape Town.
But of course you could also buy it at other shops. On the website of Decoded, they offer a whole map of places where you could find Decoded’s products. And of course there’s also the webshop of Decoded. Check it out!

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