My review of Comfort Xpress Oslo Central Station (All room types!) — Trip to Oslo VLOG #4

In this video, I’ll show you the 2nd place I’m staying in, and that is Comfort Xpress Oslo Central Station! I’ve often stayed here since its opening in 2011 because of its good price quality ratio.

Check out my video (with subtitles) above or read the transcription:

Comfort Xpress Oslo Central Station is nicely located just across the train station in Fred Olsens Gate 11 and is not to be confused with Comfort Hotel Grand Central located INside the train station.


You can check in at the reception or just use one of the iPads in front of the elevator. The reception is also a bar, so you can enjoy some drinks while chatting with your co-travellers or while you’re getting some work done on your computer.

I’d like to point out that there are four room sizes… and I’ve stayed in three of them.

Standard Twin Room

Let’s start with the decent sized twin room of 17 square meters. When you enter, there’s a coat rack on the left and the TV. There’s a desk on the right and of course the comfortable twin beds. There’s also place for your luggage next to the window. Not every twin room looks exactly like this, but they do have the same features. The bathroom has floor heating and is clean. There’s a soap dispenser in the shower. Of course, WiFi is free.

Twin Room for adjusted accessibility for the disabled

The second room, which is where I stayed in this year, is the twin room with adjusted accessibility for disabled. I didn’t ask for this room specifically, but it turned out to be positive. The room is huge, has an extra sofa, a table and a seat. There’s also extra place to hang your clothes. The bathroom is one big space which is fun, but also necessary for disabled who really need that space.

Standard Double Room

Then there’s the double room, of which I don’t have that much footage, but as you can see here, it’s a cosy room with the bed located against the window. In general, the room is also smaller at around 11 square meters.

Superior Double Room

I haven’t been able to stay at the fourth type of room, which is the superior double room. This costs usually 200 kroner more, but you do get a larger room (between 16 and 20 square meters), a private roof terrace and a seating area.


The minimalistic breakfast bag is optional, so it’s up to you if you would like to buy one and eat it downstairs or in your room, or if you’d like to go out early and eat something at the station.

So this was my review of Comfort Xpress Oslo Central Station. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments. Also check out my other Oslo videos and Oslo hotel reviews on my channel.

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