Where to go, eat and sleep in Oslo & Bærum in 48 hours [GUIDE]

Hello everyone, I’m back in Norway for a relaxing weekend. I’ll show you what I visited, where I ate and slept during my 48 hours in Oslo and Bærum. Watch my video below or read the transcription under it:

Karl Johan

It all starts at Karl Johans Gate, Oslo’s Main Street. There are shops, souvenir shops, restaurants, and a bit further you there’s Stortinget which is the Norwegian parliament. Further down Karl Johan there’s the Royal Palace, but I’ll get to that later in this video.

Getting from A to B

Everything in Oslo is easy to reach by foot, bike, bus, tram and metro. A day ticket for unlimited use of public transport costs 90 NOK which is just about 10 euros or dollars. Important to know is that this ticket is valid for 24 hours, so if you activate your ticket at 3 PM, it’s valid until the next day at 3 PM, which is awesome. Not every city does this. If you’re also planning to do lots of museums, then the Oslo Pass, at 395 NOK, including all transport, museums and other discounts, is worth it.


Oslo’s Opera building, known for its beautiful architecture, is located next to the train station, which is part of a new modern area where you can find Bjørvika, Sørenga and soon a brand new Edvard Munch museum and a new National Library. Make sure to watch my other Oslo videos to see more.

Akershus festning & Aker Brygge

From the Opera you can walk along the water up to Akershus Festning, which is a fortress with a view of Rådhuset (Oslo’s city hall), Aker Brygge and Oslofjord.

Aker Brygge is my favourite area in Oslo. It’s a classy, relaxing, car free area near the water where you can shop, have lunch or dinner. A bit further there’s Tjuvholmen where you can find the Astrup Fearnley museum. If you’ve already seen my previous videos, you already know that I like T.G.I. Friday’s because we don’t have this restaurant chain back in Belgium and I just love the food. If this isn’t something for you, try the sea food, pizza, sushi or grill restaurants in the area.

Bærums Verk

On day 2 I went to Bærum, a community just outside Oslo. By bus, it costs 106 NOK back and forth, which is more than a city ticket. After looking at the nice views and seeing the daily Norwegian life in non-touristy areas, I arrived at Bærums Verk which is a beautiful shopping village that’s actually already 400 years old. There are several gift shops, tea rooms, but also two supermarkets and a museum. While walking around, you’ll also notice these interesting sculptures.

Shopping & sushi

Afterwards, I went from a cosy shopping village to busy shopping centers in Oslo city. This one is called.. Oslo City. There’s also one next to the train station called Byporten where I like buying sushi and spring rolls at Bambus Sushi. They are de-licious.


Now there are still 3 important places to go to, but because this was a relaxing weekend, and I have been to Oslo lots of times, I spent the rest of my 48 hours shopping and eating. But here are places you could still visit within the 48 hour mark: the Royal Palace in the heart of Oslo, surrounded by Slottsparken — Vigelandsparken, a free open air sculpture park — and Holmenkollen with nice views and an interesting winter sports museum. Please watch my other videos to see more. You can choose: winter, autumn or summer videos.

Where to sleep

Now where did I sleep? Well, I like staying at different hotels during my holiday. The first hotel I stayed in, was Park Inn, which is located in a side street of Karl Johans Gate, Oslo’s Main Street, so it’s very central. Click here to watch my full review. My second hotel was Comfort Xpress Central Station, located just in front of the train station, so I could catch my early morning flight the next day. This hotel is modern, clean and budget friendly, so check out that review too [coming soon]

Going home

And now… I’m back at Oslo Gardermoen Airport, which has been expanded and renovated this year and is really beautiful. I’ll definitely make a review of that one too, so again, check out my channel!

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See you next time!